Tin Can Militia

Theta Squad Boss- Colonel "Washington"

My name is Sean Flaherty. Theta Squad is a specialized unit created within Tin Can Militia to pull operation's from behind enemy lines, as well as clear out "Hot" zones. Hot zones are areas where there is a large number of enemies and rather then waste paint and men, we would take them out with out breaking a sweat. When you need a job done, or you need troop/armor location then you call in Theta Squad. We are the commando unit of the Militia. We are the best, and the elite. In order to become a commando, you must rank up and prove your self worthy. You must also be willing for a rigorous training exercise as well as intense training.  

Theta Squad

First Recon now became Theta Squad. Same Information applies for now.

First Recon

Only up until we get bigger will i start to branch out, separating from the main team, up until then, I will keep with the rest and only move out taking one or two other people with me. In order to be part of first recon, you have to have an idea of how to move while in the woods, in cover and watching your footing. I will use a ghillie suit from time to time, Yes im investing into one, I find it helps blend in more into the bush's, and tall weeds. Anyway back to the topic on hand. To become a part of First Recon, you must stay in shape, and be able to walk long distances all day without complaining, and conserving on water from your camel back, or water pod. In order to become part of First Recon, you will be put through a physical endurance test, basically an obstacle course. Once part of First Recon, you will go through weekly training, which means you will attend the gym at least once or twice a week (I would prefer more then that maybe at least three), and follow a cardio, and leg muscle building routine. Weekly to Monthly we will have training at one of our three main fields. In order to find out which you must check your email, or the facebook group.